Ma Kyawy Myint is passionate about make-up, so much so that years of hardship and living in camps has not dulled her drive to pursue a career in it. The 22-year-old, who has been living in a camp near Kar Lai village in Kutkai village that houses internally displaced people (IDP), moved here in January 2019.

The family was forced to flee from their homes in 2013 due to the conflict and were living in a church compound in Kutkai town before they shifted to the camp.

A trained make-up artist, Ma Kyawy Myint's dream was to own a salon. Once she learnt the skills, thanks to the training in make-up and beauty services provided by local NGO Metta, she pitched her business idea to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).


As part of the ICRC's economic security initiative to support local traders in IDP camps, Ma Kyawy Myint's business proposal received a go-ahead and she was granted 2.1 million Myanmar kyat. With the money, she has been able to cover the rent, décor cost and purchase the necessary equipment for her sparkling new salon.

But her love for the art of make-up does not end there – Ma Kyawy Myint has now given two students from NGO Metta an opportunity to intern with her and follow their own dreams.

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