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The National Society Investment Alliance: Funding Announcement – 2021

Article 20 October 2021

The National Society Investment Alliance (NSIA) is pleased to share the National Societies to receive investment from the fund in 2021, with the Steering Committee approving Accelerator funding to:

  • The Armenian Red Cross Society
  • The Nigerian Red Cross Society
  • The Ugandan Red Cross Society

These three National Societies, all of which have previously received preparatory Bridge funding from the NSIA, will each receive significant follow-on investment to help build sustainable income-generating activities related to the provision of commercial first-aid services and other related income generation initiatives.

In addition, Bridge funding will be awarded to the National Societies of Ethiopia, Malawi, Myanmar, Niger, Pakistan, and Yemen.

In total, the NSIA will allocate funds of around CHF 2.1 million. This is the largest annual allocation made by the NSIA to date, and is made possible by generous support from the governments of Switzerland, the United States, Canada and Norway.

The Co-chairs of the NSIA Steering Committee, Xavier Castellanos, Under-Secretary-General for National Society Development and Operations Coordination at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), and Katrin Wiegmann, Deputy Director-General of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), said:

"We are pleased to share the National Societies that have been selected for funding by the NSIA in 2021.

It is particularly welcome to see that the three Accelerator investments selected this year have all gone to National Societies who have previously received Bridge funding from the NSIA.

This underlines for us the importance of the NSIA's two-stage approach, with initial funds providing a springboard to help National Societies prepare for increased investment aimed at achieving sustained impact on the organisation and vulnerable communities.

In addition to the three Accelerator awards made this year, we look forward to seeing the progress of the newly selected Bridge recipients."

The IFRC and the ICRC jointly manage the NSIA to provide substantial, multi-year development support to National Societies in contexts of heightened humanitarian need and risk. The NSIA helps strengthen the organisational capacities and development of humanitarian services of National Societies so they can increase their humanitarian impact and reach.

To respond to the varied development needs of National Societies, the NSIA can award up to one million Swiss francs of Accelerator funding to any one National Society over a five-year period. In addition, Bridge grants of up to 50,000 Swiss francs over 12 months can help National Societies prepare the ground for future investment from the NSIA or elsewhere.

For more information about the NSIA, visit this page.