Pakistan: Book published on Islamic response to addressing sexual violence during war

Pakistan: Book published on Islamic response to addressing sexual violence during war

International humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law (IHRL) include rules and laws regarding sexual violence, in addition to the provisions under domestic legal frameworks. However, there is a lack of awareness about these laws especially when they’re addressing sexual violence in times of wars and emergency situations.
Article 31 October 2023 Pakistan

Bridging the gap in information available on Islamic perspectives towards sexual violence, an Urdu-language book entitled "Addressing sexual violence during war and other situations of violence: An Islamic response" has been published by Ziaullah Rahmani, the ICRC's regional adviser for Islamic law and jurisprudence, and Ahmad Waqas, research associate at Shari'ah Academy, International Islamic University. Published in February 2023, this book is a compilation of key takeaways from the discussions held and research papers submitted during a two-day round table on this theme on 30 and 31 August 2022 in Pakistan. Thirty Islamic scholars and researchers had participated in the conference.

The book highlights the Islamic perspective and teachings on prevention against sexual violence, treatment and assistance for victims/survivors of sexual violence, the importance of dignity and respect for the wounded and dead, and slavery during war and other situations of violence among other important topics.

"In Pakistan, we strive to engage Islamic scholars on important humanitarian issues, which no one has any objections to and which are not limited to any country, religion or culture. The issues are discussed from an Islamic perspective with inputs from Islamic scholars to learn how these problems can be solved and the issues eradicated," said Rahmani.

Over the years, by participating in podcasts, publishing books and articles, and through joint research ventures, the ICRC has built a healthy relationship with Muslim leaders, scholars and academics to understand the Islamic laws of war and their connection to IHL.

Please find the book here.