Qatar Fund for Development and ICRC Successfully Conclude Humanitarian Project in Libya

Doha, Qatar – In a collaborative effort to address the ongoing humanitarian needs in Libya, Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have successfully implemented a comprehensive aid project that has significantly impacted the lives of many people in Libya. The project has provided critical support to more than 18,000 households, reaching approximately 100,000 individuals across various communities.

In the wake of the devastating floods in the city of Derna, the project’s scope was swiftly adapted to enhance the emergency response efforts. This timely intervention facilitated the delivery of food and essential household items to 6,499 households severely affected by the natural disaster.

Furthering its commitment to sustainable development, the initiative empowered 538 households to start or resume businesses with grants, thereby fostering economic independence and resilience. In addition, it improved living conditions for 8,328 households with essential items and provided financial assistance to 82 families to enhance their economic resilience and rebuild lives disrupted by the consequences of conflict."

"The partnership with QFFD has been a cornerstone in our humanitarian efforts to support the people of Libya," stated Basma Tabaja, Head of ICRC’s Delegation in Qatar. "This project is a testament to what can be achieved when organizations come together with a shared vision of alleviating human suffering and building resilient communities. Through this joint initiative, we have promptly addressed emergent needs and launched sustainable humanitarian efforts that promise lasting impact on the lives of thousands. We are deeply grateful for QFFD’s unwavering support, which is crucial in our continued efforts to improve and rebuild lives in areas affected by the armed conflict," Tabaja added.

Salah El-Din Saad, born in 1988 and living in Sabha, has a degree in electrical engineering. Despite losing his arm due to an injury, Salah's passion for his work remained undiminished. He used the incident as motivation to keep going and never give up.

"We are proud to mark the successful milestone of our humanitarian project in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Libya. This partnership highlights our shared commitment to alleviating human suffering and providing essential support to communities in need. It is crucial for us to make significant strides in building resilience for the most vulnerable communities. We remain dedicated to fostering impactful collaborations that bring hope and resilience to those facing the greatest challenges." Said Ms. Aisha Al-Kuwari, Manager of Humanitarian department.

Soumaya Al-Maawi's passion for making sweets dates back to her childhood. In 2019, she and her family were displaced due to armed conflict. This challenging time provided her with the opportunity to seek refuge in Tunisia and to perfect her sweet creations, making them as delicious and beautiful as they are today.

The project emphasizes the commitment of ICRC and QFFD to supporting communities in crisis and highlights the importance of international cooperation in humanitarian efforts. The success of this project not only provides immediate relief but also contributes to the long-term recovery and stability of affected regions in Libya.

Fawzia Manita, a disabled woman and member of the Tahadi Organization for People with Disabilities, works in sewing and everything related to thread and needle. She loves helping other women with disabilities and her message to them is to keep fighting and never give up.