Scaling up the humanitarian response in Bangladesh

07 November 2017

Since August 2017, more than 600.000 people have crossed into Bangladesh from Myanmar fleeing violence in Rakhine State. After walking for several days or taking a boat, they often arrive exhausted and traumatized in the camps in Cox's Bazar. While people keep crossing the border, the ICRC has been one of the first responders to provide the basics of life: Food, water and health care to the stranded families in border areas. Since August we provided assistance to more than 55.000 people with food, 13,142 patients received treatment from our mobile health services, over 17.000 benefited from our water, sanitation and hygiene interventions and almost 6.000 people were able to contact their family members through our phone call services. Although we do our outmost to help the most vulnerable inside the camps and especially at the border area of Myanmar and Bangladesh, the situation remains dire and much more needs to be done. Here is a video on our activities, which should give you an insight about our ongoing work and the conditions people in the camps and at the border are facing.

The ICRC has launched an appeal to continue responding to the overwhelming needs of displaced families in Bangladesh. You can support these efforts by donating to the appeal here.