Statement from Fabrizio Carboni, ICRC’s Near and Middle East Regional Director, on recent fighting in Marib, Yemen

I’m saddened to see fighting flaring up again in Yemen, this time in Marib. The International Committee of the Red Cross is providing hospitals treating the wounded on both sides with surgical kits and general medical supplies, but significant unmet humanitarian needs remain, including among the newly displaced.
News release 30 September 2021 Yemen

We call on all parties to the conflict to facilitate without delay the delivery of humanitarian aid to those who need it most. We urge all parties to take every possible measure to protect civilians, their property, and essential civilian infrastructure in Marib.

 Health-care facilities, medical workers, and ambulances must be spared. Many civilians have no option but to flee the fighting in search of a safer place and must be allowed to do so. Those who choose to stay or who are unable to leave remain protected by international humanitarian law.

 On Thursday, an ICRC team delivered emergency medical supplies known as a war-wounded kit to a hospital in Marib with enough material to treat 50 wounded patients. A similar kit was delivered to a hospital in Al Bayda earlier in the week. 


For more information, please contact:

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