Street Art Project in Ein el-Helweh

10 July 2019

As part of its project to provide safe spaces for children in Ein el-Helweh, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) teamed up with a local artist and children from the camp to add some colour to the walls.

Ein el-Helweh, a Palestinian refugee camp in Saida, has witnessed several rounds of violence over the years and has often left children without a safe space to play, study or simply meet.
In this project, the ICRC consulted the real experts of fun in the camp: the children. Our team sat with the kids and asked them what they'd like to see on the walls of the camp and what they'd like to paint. We also asked them about messages they'd like to send to members of their community and other kids. The children then voted for their favourite artist and for the pictures they liked. The two images selected reflected messages of inclusion and the right to play.
Children shouldn't have to worry about getting to school safely or finding a safe space to play, but this is the reality for many kids in Ein el-Helweh.