Venezuela – helping those most in need

Venezuela – helping those most in need

Article 05 November 2021 Venezuela

In the third quarter of 2021, our work in Venezuela focused on addressing the needs of those people most affected by armed violence, particularly those caught up in the clashes that broke out between armed groups and security forces in Cota 905 and other areas of Caracas in July. We also continued with our usual operations across the country, providing support where needs were greatest, in areas such as health care, water and sanitation, protection, forensics and economic security.

In addition to having to cope with both the armed violence and the pandemic, many people suffered the disastrous consequences of the torrential rain that fell in various parts of the country in July and August, causing landslides, floods and mudslides. Rivers and streams overflowed, bridges collapsed, and homes were destroyed, leaving many people dead or unaccounted for. Working with other members of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, we provided medical supplies, mattresses, sheets, personal hygiene products, and logistical and protective equipment to the Venezuelan Red Cross to help affected communities, especially in the states of Mérida and Apure.

Find out more about what we did in Venezuela from July to September here.

Below are just some examples of the work we did in Venezuela between July and September 2021:

104,332 people
received medical attention at primary-health-care centres
18,008 people
received emergency medical treatment.
13 vaccination centres run by the Venezuelan Red Cross
were given financial support (to cover food and water to the volunteers, and fuel) as part of the National Vaccination Plan of the Ministry of People’s Power for Health.
3,656 people
received 263.344 meals in 11 community kitchens.
2,996 connectivity-related services
such as calls, Wi-Fi connections and battery charging, were provided and 8,097 travellers received advice.
8,265 people deprived of their liberty
in 9 detention centres were visited.
1,730 body bags
46,398 items of personal protective equipment and 3,775 medical and hygiene supplies were provided to 19 forensic institutions.
115 volunteers
at 19 branches and subcommittees of the Venezuelan Red Cross received training in Safer Access, managing operational risks and safe driving.