Quarterly e-newsletter: Venezuela delegation’s activities

20 March 2018
Quarterly e-newsletter: Venezuela delegation’s activities

The ICRC in Venezuela carries out activities with the Venezuelan Red Cross, communities, the academic sector, authorities and other organizations, and also develops and maintains constructive humanitarian dialogue with different authorities. Additionally, it works with the armed and security forces to reinforce the integration and observance of international humanitarian law (IHL) and international standards on the use of force. It also provides workshops for health care personnel on how to treat patients injured by firearms and explosive devices.

Highlights of this newspaper edition:

  • For the first time in Venezuela, the ICRC held an emergency room trauma course (ERTC) for military and civilian doctors from the National Public Health System.
  • In Jamaica, the ICRC will continue to provide more opportunities for young people through Jamaica Red Cross Schools of Transformation, which they have been supporting for the last ten years.
  • After Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica, the Red Cross Movement supported relief operations on the island. The ICRC has focused on helping to restore family links by facilitating communication between families separated by the events. More than 512 successful phone calls were made.

Venezuela: Quarterly E-Newsletter: the Delegation’s activities