RFL - Data Protection Board Game

Delivering effective and efficient Restoring Family Links (RFL) services requires the processing of large amounts of personal data. The RFL Code of Conduct on Data Protection was adopted in 2015 as a tool for the Movement to use with regards to the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals using these services, in particular the protection of their personal data. The Code sets out the minimum principles, commitments, and procedures with which personnel of the ICRC, National Societies and the IFRC must comply when processing personal data within the framework of RFL activities. It addresses specific data protection challenges that may arise in RFL activities, including those concerning applicable legal basis, data transfer within the Family Links Network or to entities external to the Network and data publication. The RFL Data Protection Board Game allows field practitioners to become familiar with the RFL Code of Conduct on Data Protection and the key principles on data protection in a fun and engaging way.