Recommendations on Including Camps and Camp-Like Settings in the Response to The COVID-19 Pandemic

Internally displaced people and migrants, including refugees, living in camps, formal and informal settlements and other collective sites (hereafter camp and camp-like settings), may be disproportionately affected by both the pandemic itself and the response measures adopted by States. During a pandemic, the complex task of managing camps and camp-like settings becomes an even greater challenge; it is therefore of the utmost importance to ensure inclusive responses that benefit both people living in such settings and the entire host community.
These recommendations are designed to help national and local authorities, humanitarian organizations and other responders to develop effective COVID-19 responses that take into account and address the specific needs and vulnerabilities of people in camps and camp-like settings. The recommendations focus on the protection ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis for people living in such settings and the policy-related aspects of the response.