in focus

In Iraq, the ICRC helps people displaced, refugees, and civilians in places affected by fighting. We improve access to clean water and health care, visit detainees and enable them to maintain contact with their families, and support the authorities’ efforts to clarify the fate of people missing from earlier conflicts. 

In numbers

In 2016

  • 2,100,000
    people got access to water thanks to the rehabilitation and construction of more than 35 water supply systems.
  • 924,000
    displaced people received food aid.
  • 45,000
    detainees were visited in order to ensure they had proper treatment and living conditions
  • One million
    people had access to health care through support to healthcare centres and hospitals.
  • 925,000
    displaced people received essential household items. These include detergents, hygiene items, cooking tools, stoves, jerry cans, blankets and heaters.
  • 90,000
    people received cash grants to buy essential goods or start a small business.

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