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In Iraq, the ICRC helps displaced people, refugees and civilians in places affected by fighting during the times of crisis. We improve access to clean water and health care, visit detainees and enable them to maintain contact with their families and support the authorities’ efforts to clarify the fate of people missing from earlier conflicts. 

As the current health emergency around the COVID-19 pandemic evolves in Iraq, we are focused on ensuring that our existing humanitarian programmes are not jeopardized in the mid or long term. To address the emerging health-related needs, we are adapting our responses to best suit the people and authorities.

Latest Update
In numbers


  • 84,400
    Consultations were conducted in 8 ICRCsupported Primary Health Care centers.
  • 40,000
    detainees have better access to health care services.
  • 31,150
    People benefited from various cash grant programs, Micro Economic Initiatives, and vocational training.
  • 8,000
    People with disabilities received physical rehabilitation services.
  • 43,550
    People benefited from food and essential household items distributions.
  • 5,130
    Red Cross Messages were exchanged between detainees and their relatives.