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In Iraq, the ICRC helps displaced people, refugees and civilians in places affected by fighting during the times of crisis. We improve access to clean water and health care, visit detainees and enable them to maintain contact with their families and support the authorities’ efforts to clarify the fate of people missing from earlier conflicts. 

Latest Update
In numbers

In 2018

  • 2.5 million
    people have benefited from improved access to safe drinking water through the rehabilitation of 47 water supply systems.
  • 340,000
    people received food parcels and 275,000 people household necessities.
  • 120,000
    people received cash assistance.
  • 300,000
    patients received care in 17 primary health care centers and two hospitals supported by the ICRC
  • 28,420
    Written and oral messages were exchanged between members of separated families or between inmates and their families.
  • 54,000
    Detainees were visited in 91 places of detention to ensure that they had adequate treatment and living conditions.
  • 39,400
    disabled people have benefited from physical rehabilitation services in the ICRC center in Erbil and in 15 other centers it supports.
  • 1,050
    cases of disappearances have been clarified and 5,250 new missing persons search files have been opened.