Syria crisis

Now in its sixth year, the conflict in Syria is the largest and most complex humanitarian crisis in the world, with no end in sight.

Brutal and relentless violence has brought the country to its knees. Millions of Syrian women, men and children are in desperate need of immediate assistance.

8 million people displaced inside Syria
4.5 million people live in besieged cities and hard-to-reach areas
  4.5 million refugees live in the neigbouring countries and beyond
  1.5 million people injured
  250,000 people killed

Already this year, we've carried out 14 operations across front lines – reaching 16 million Syrian people with clean water, 2.6 million with food and 500,000 with essential household items.

Looking forward, we hope to provide 1.175 million people with food every month, 180,000 with essential household items, and implement more projects to improve or restore people's access to clean water.

In addition to delivering more medicine, we want to help step up primary health-care services provided by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, which includes providing vehicles to transport vaccines and increasing assistance to hospitals and treatment centres.

6.5 million
benefited from access to clean drinking water and sanitation.
4.8 million
people were provided with food.
received improved access to health care.
ICRC in Syria

For more on the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement's response in Syria, visit the Red For Syria website.

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