Destruction and despair in Syria: 4 years on

12 million Syrians desperately need humanitarian aid

Bled dry - how war in the Middle East is bringing the region to the brink of a water catastrophe:

The Middle East’s water supplies – and the people who depend on them – are at breaking point. On this page that provides highlights of the full report, we detail the inter-related network of problems behind this long overlooked crisis, and what can be done about them.

of displaced and resident people received food, water and had access to health care
Half a million
people are receiving food and other essential items each month
16 million
people had access to clean drinking water, thanks to the provision of chemicals to treat water
people in rural Damascus, Homs, Hama, Deir Ez-Zour and Qunietra received water delivered by truck
public and private hospitals received surgical and first-aid material for treating 5,000 wounded people,
100 000
patients with chronic diseases were treated by the SARC with medicines provided by the ICRC
Over 2,000
people sought the ICRC’s help in confirming the whereabouts of relatives who had gone missing or been arrested
ICRC staff are currently working and helping people in need in Damascus, Aleppo and Tartus.
ICRC in Syria