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Syria crisis: The ICRC is helping both people inside Syria, who are facing extremely difficult conditions because of the conflict, and the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq.

In cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, we are distributing food and other essentials, restoring water supplies, and supporting medical services.

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In numbers

Between January and August 2018:

  • 13 million
    people have benefited from water and sanitation projects in different parts of the country carried out by SARC and the ICRC, in coordination with the Ministry of Water Resources, local authorities and partners.
  • 6.7 million
    people in 12 governorates have been provided with food (over 4.4 million among them received more than once), including hard-to-reach or besieged areas.
  • 1.1 million
    people have received various essential household items, including hard-to-reach or besieged areas.
  • 1.2 million
    people have been able to access improved healthcare services.
  • 5,500
    people benefitted from ICRC/SARC livelihood and agricultural projects, support to bakeries and flour mills.
  • 2,700
    people, including returnees, displaced people and people with disabilities, received support to initiate a small business in Homs, Damascus, Rural Damascus and Aleppo.
  • 2,840
    patients benefited from physical rehabilitation aid through two centres in Damascus and Aleppo.
  • 4,000
    school children were informed about the dangers of mines through messages in school notebooks.

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