Syria crisis

Five years of war in Syria. Stories from the inside.

For five years, a once modern and vibrant country, has been ripped apart by conflict.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed. Millions have been displaced.

Homes, schools, hospitals, electricity and water facilities have been damaged or destroyed. Life has become almost impossible for so many. Unconditional and unimpeded access is needed for humanitarian organizations. But, ultimately, this is a political problem and, if the suffering is to end, a political solution needs to be found.

In a series of unique reports from inside Syria, the ICRC bears witness to the daily struggle for survival.

16 million
people, or nearly 90 per cent of Syria’s population, were provided access to clean drinking water
8.3 million
people across the country received food
1.6 million
people received hygiene kits, towels, mattresses, blankets and other household essentials
patients received treatment in 7 clinics and 9 mobile health units run by the SARC and supported by the ICRC
people living in displaced (IDP) shelters in Aleppo, Homs, Lattakia and rural Damascus received daily meals prepared in collective kitchens
disabled patients were provided with physical rehabilitation services in the Damascu SARC-run centre supported by the ICRC and in the ICRC Rehabilitation Centre in Aleppo.
ICRC in Syria

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