In Poland, the ICRC provides humanitarian aid in response to the needs triggered by the international armed conflict in Ukraine, in close cooperation with the Polish Red Cross. Our key task is to help families clarify what happened to missing loved ones. 

Polish Red Cross Society members with children

Our work in Poland

As of 2024, eight countries neighbouring Ukraine are covered by the ICRC’s regional delegation based in Warsaw. Its protection work supports the ICRC’s bilateral confidential dialogue with Ukraine and Russia, while its support to the National Societies focuses on the protection of family links and the promotion of the proper use of the red cross emblem. It also promotes understanding of and respect for principled humanitarian action and international humanitarian law. In addition to Poland, it covers Hungary, Romania, Czechia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 

In Poland, the ICRC responds to the humanitarian needs triggered by the international armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. It does so by supporting the Polish Red Cross which helps families clarify the fate and whereabouts of their loved ones, and by supporting the work of our teams in Ukraine and Russia. We also support the Polish Red Cross in dissemination of humanitarian principles, strengthening its emergency preparedness and communications.

Our priorities

  • Support the Polish Red Cross in restoring contact between separated families, clarifying what happened to relatives who have gone missing as a result of the armed conflict, and addressing any other challenges families of the missing may face.
  • Interview refugees in Poland to better understand the security concerns they faced in Ukraine or during their journey. This in turn helps our colleagues in Ukraine and the Russian Federation analyse patterns and remind parties to the international armed conflict of their obligations under international humanitarian law (IHL). 
  • Promote knowledge of and respect for the emblems and Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and for the Geneva Conventions

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Our work with the Polish Red Cross

We work closely with the Polish Red Cross to: help families get information about their loved ones from whom they have been separated or who have gone missing as a result of the armed conflict, and help families reunite whenever possible; promote respect for IHL, including respect for the Movement’s emblems and strengthen the capacities of the Polish Red Cross staff and volunteers to respond to emergency situations.