How to order ICRC photos


Photo Library services, prices and usage rights

The ever-growing ICRC photo collection holds over 780,000 images, with 120,000 available to the public in digital format. The collection covers ICRC activities in conflicts throughout the world from the 1850s to the present day. We can only display a small part of the collection on our website.


As well as making available the photos you see on our website, the photo library offers research services.

You can visit the Photo Library in person to search our digital photo database on one of our three public access terminals.

To order photographs you see on our website
Send us an e-mail with “Photo order” in the subject line, and indicate:

  • the references of the photos you are interested in (e.g. et-e-00053);
  • the caption, and/or the URL of the webpage where you found the photos;
  • the intended use of the photographs.

If you would like us to search for photographs
Please send us an e-mail with “Photo order” in the subject line and indicate:

  • the period;
  • the subject or country;
  • the type of photographs you require, as specifically as possible;
  • the intended use of the photographs.

We will send the photographs in electronic form unless you specifically ask us for prints.

As a rough guide, the price for a high-resolution file (300 dpi) is CHF 8. We charge an additional CHF 5 for a CD-ROM if one is needed.

Searches cost CHF 80 per hour from the second hour onwards.

Usage rights
Photographs are supplied for the purpose mentioned in the order. If you wish to do something else with them, you must ask the ICRC Photo Library beforehand.

You must not pass the photos on to third parties without the permission of the ICRC, or post them on the web at a resolution higher than 500 x 300, or include them in any photo database.

Guidelines for use

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