Addressing Sexual Violence - Asia-Pacific In Focus Report

Addressing sexual violence: A global priority (Asia-Pacific in focus)

The ICRC is a neutral and independent humanitarian organization that works to provide protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict and other violence. Sexual violence is all too common in these situations, where increased impunity, combined with a proliferation of light weapons and the destruction of community ties, increases the risk of it occurring.

Our humanitarian mandate, experience and access to people in conflict zones means we are uniquely placed to address the needs of people affected by sexual violence during armed conflict and violence and in places of detention. We also work to promote respect for IHL and its implementation in domestic law.

While all ICRC delegations worldwide address sexual violence according to their specific contexts, 18 delegations have been identified for a funding appeal to specifically develop multidisciplinary work on the issue. In Asia-Pacific, these include the delegation in Bangladesh, the regional delegation in Malaysia (for activities in Malaysia and the bordering region), the delegation in the Philippines and the regional delegation in Fiji (for activities in Papua New Guinea). A regional adviser based in Bangkok, Thailand, and a team at the ICRC's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, support these and other delegations in the region.

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