Despite ongoing peace process, needs remain staggering in South Sudan

January to June 2019 facts and figures

09 September 2019
Despite ongoing peace process, needs remain staggering in South Sudan
CC BY-NC-ND / ICRC / Florian Seriex

Ten months since the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan was signed, the humanitarian situation remains dire in South Sudan. Food insecurity has reached unprecedented levels despite some improvements in terms of access. Our medical teams continue to receive a large number of patients with gunshot wounds in the hospitals we support.

The ICRC remains committed to providing the most suitable support possible to meet the needs of the population. Our response includes the delivery of emergency relief items as well as a longer-term approach through the distribution of seeds, farm tools and school material. These activities only represent a small percentage of the assistance the ICRC provides daily to thousands of people in need in South Sudan.

Highlights of our work in South Sudan between January and June 2019

Distributed over 4,700 metric tonnes of food rations to more than 313,000 people
Assisted 30,000 livestock keepers by vaccinating 415,000 animals
Provided more than 189,000 outpatient consultations and treated 8,700 in-patients
Visited 4,300 detainees to help improve the conditions of their detention
Facilitated 7,400 phone calls between family members separated by the conflict

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January - June 2019 Facts & Figures