Hundreds of thousands received assistance in 2016 in Kenya, Tanzania, and Djibouti

In 2016, the ICRC continued to help thousands of people restore family links in Kenya, Tanzania, and Djibouti.

In Kenya, we supported the construction of a water project along the coast that has benefitted thousands. Our teams conducted regular visits of detainees in Zanzibar and supported the provision of solar panels to assist in pumping water for the prisons.

Through our Nairobi Logistical Support Centre, we shipped over 6,900 metric tonnes of food and non-food relief items to 30 countries.

The ICRC continues to partner with the three national societies (Kenya Red Cross Society, Tanzania Red Cross Society and Djibouti Red Crescent Society) in different capacities.

Highlights of our work in Kenya, Tanzania, and Djibouti in 2016

198,400 free phone calls were made by refugees and detainees in the three countries
300 detainees were regularly visited in Unguja and Pemba prison to assess their living conditions
14,000 people in Kilifi County have better access to clean and affordable water
37,000 kilograms of waste was recycled as part of our environmental protection programme
6,200 people in Lamu received seeds to aid in their food production
4,500 people in Tana Delta received financial assistance in the form of cash transfers
Provided IHL and humanitarian principles training to 2,500 police officers

For more information, read the full update of our work in Kenya, Tanzania, and Djibouti.

Kenya, Tanzania, & Djibouti 2016 facts

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