ICRC decision-making structures

The governing bodies of the ICRC, comprising the Assembly, the Assembly Council and the Presidency, have overall responsibility for ICRC policy, strategy and decisions related to the development of IHL. These bodies oversee all the activities of the organization, including field and headquarters operations and the approval of objectives and budgets. They also monitor implementation by the Directorate of Assembly or Assembly Council decisions and are assisted in this task by a Control Commission and the internal and external auditors.


The ICRC has a president and a vice-president. The president, who bears primary responsibility for the ICRC's external relations, represents the ICRC on the international scene and, in close cooperation with the directorate general, handles the ICRC's humanitarian diplomacy. At the internal level, he attends to the cohesion, smooth running and development of the organization.

Peter Maurer, president
Christine Beerli, vice-president

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The Directorate is the executive body of the ICRC, responsible for applying and ensuring application of the general objectives and institutional strategy defined by the Assembly or the Assembly Council. The Directorate is also responsible for the smooth running of the ICRC and for the efficiency of its staff as a whole.

Yves Daccord, Director-General
Dominik Stillhart, Director of Operations
Helen Alderson, Director of Financial Resources and Logistics
Charlotte Lindsey-Curtet, Director of Communication and Information Management
Helen Durham, Director of International Law and Policy
Gherardo Pontrandolfi, Director of Human Resources

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The Assembly is the supreme governing body of the ICRC. It oversees all the ICRC's activities. It formulates policy, defines general objectives and strategy, and approves the budget and accounts. It nominates the directors and the head of Internal Audit. Composed of between 15 and 25 co-opted members of Swiss nationality, the Assembly is collegial in character. Its President and Vice-President are the President and Vice-President of the ICRC.

Peter Maurer, president
Christine Beerli, vice-president
Hugo Bänziger
François Bugnion
Jacques Chapuis
Bernard G. R. Daniel
Paola Ghillani
Alexis Keller
Jürg Kesselring
Doris Schopper
Rolf Soiron
Bruno Staffelbach
Heidi Tagliavini 
Daniel Thürer
Mauro Arrigoni
Thierry Lombard
Melchior de Muralt
Maya Hertig Randall

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Honorary members: Jean Abt, Peter Arbenz, Jean-Philippe Assal, Jean-François Aubert, Christiane Augsburger, Paolo Bernasconi, Ernst A. Brugger, Susy Brüschweiler, Jean de Courten, Georges-André Cuendet, Max Daetwyler, Josef Feldmann, Jacques Forster, Renée Guisan, Rodolphe de Haller, Jakob Kellenberger, Pierre Keller, Liselotte Kraus-Gurny, Pierre Languetin, Claude Le Coultre, Jacques Moreillon, Gabrielle Nanchen, Jakob Nüesch, Anne Petitpierre, Francesca Pometta, Eric Roethlisberger, Yves Sandoz, Dietrich Schindler, Cornelio Sommaruga, Jenö C.A. Staehelin, Olivier Vodoz, André von Moos.

Assembly Council

The Assembly Council is a subsidiary body of the Assembly. It prepares the Assembly's activities and takes decisions on matters within its competence, in particular strategic options relating to general policy on funding, personnel and communication. It serves as a link between the Directorate and the Assembly, to which it reports regularly. Composed of five members elected by the Assembly, it is chaired by the president of the ICRC.

Peter Maurer, president
Christine Beerli, vice-president
Rolf Soiron, member of the Committee
Bruno Staffelbach, member of the Committee
Heidi Tagliavini, member of the Committee - Leave of absence from 6 June 2014 for a period of twelve months