News release

ICRC President visits China to attend the “Belt & Road” Forum for International Cooperation

Geneva/Beijing (ICRC) – On the invitation of the government of the People's Republic of China, ICRC President Peter Maurer is starting tomorrow a three-day visit to China, to attend the "Belt & Road" (B&R) Forum for International Cooperation.

"The ICRC has significant and often long-term operations in 40 countries along the B&R. As a result, the ICRC have a deep understanding of local security and humanitarian dynamics, as well as first-hand knowledge of development challenges. Thus, the ICRC can make a valuable contribution to the discussions at the Forum and to the Initiative, by fostering a solid partnership with Chinese authorities and the Red Cross Society of China for longer-term cooperation within this framework", said Mr Maurer.

During discussions at the Forum, President Maurer will emphasize that providing neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian assistance in sometimes protracted conflicts and situations of violence, creates a conducive environment for development.

The ICRC president will also meet with authorities and the president of the Red Cross Society of China, the ICRC's main partner organization in the country to discuss subjects of mutual interest and ways to better address increasingly humanitarian challenges world-wide, including increased respect for IHL.

For further information, please contact:

Valery Mbaoh Nana, ICRC Regional Delegation for East Asia, Beijing, tel: +86 186 0025 3392
Françoise Lambert, ICRC Geneva, tél: +41 79 217 32 01
Michael Zhang, ICRC Regional Delegation for East Asia, Beijing, tel: +86 138 1003 5522