National implementation of IHL: Model laws, Practical advice and Guiding principles

01 October 2015


With a view to facilitating implementation of the rules of international humanitarian law at the national level, the ICRC’s Advisory Service on International Humanitarian Law proposes model laws / guiding principles, and offers advice on drafting legislation.

Laws and regulations adopted by States to implement international humanitarian law are available in the IHL - National Implementation database.

Anti-personnel mines

Biological and Toxin Weapons


Cluster munitions

Cultural property


  • Model law on the emblems, national legislation on the use and protection of the emblem of the Red Cross, Red Crescent and Red Crystal

Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols

International Criminal Court


  • Guiding principles / Model Law on the missing, principles for legislating the situation of persons missing as a result of armed conflict or internal violence: measures to prevent persons from going missing and to protect the rights and interests of the missing and their families.

National Committees