Philippines: Displaced for months, families in Bukidnon receive aid

In February 2019, more than 100 families were forced to flee their homes because of armed clashes in Bukidnon province, northern Mindanao, Philippines.

The displaced families, mostly members of the Tigwahanon tribe, evacuated to makeshift shelters in barangay (village) Magkalungay in the town of San Fernando. The village has been hosting the evacuees for more than four months now.

The affected families are mainly dependent on aid, particularly food from government and non-government organizations. They have limited access to their livelihood because of the distance between their farmlands and their temporary relocation site. They are also concerned about their security, especially when they gather food or harvest crops.

To complement this assistance, the ICRC, with the support of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), provided hygiene items, tarpaulins, wash basins, mats, blankets and mosquito nets in March. We further supported them with unconditional cash grants in May to help them address essential needs and reduce their vulnerabilities.