In the Philippines, the ICRC works in isolated areas that are suffering the consequences of long-running armed conflicts. 

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In numbers

In 2022

  • 28,250 residents
    of Marawi City, Lanao del Sur benefited from the replacement of a 2-kilometer water pipeline and the upgrading of three pumping stations of the Marawi City Water District
  • 60,000 PDLs
    benefited from improved living conditions and healthcare services through 15 ICRC-led or supported projects
  • 1,000,000 calls
    made by PDLs to their families and lawyers using 338 ICRC-donated equipment and internet service in 140 detention facilities
  • 2,323 people
    received cash grants to cover their basic needs, start, or maintain a business
  • 1,700 families
    that were displaced in Cotabato and Zamboanga received healthcare support and medicines through the local government unit
  • 222 relatives
    of missing persons from the Marawi conflict received psychosocial support while 76 families of missing persons were provided with economic assistance
  • 301 PWDs
    received direct physical rehabilitation support
  • 13 PRC chapters
    in Mindanao received assistance in their COVID-19 vaccination support for local government units, through operations of Bakuna Centers, deployment of Bakuna Teams or through the Bakuna Bus