South Sudan: Promoting agriculture to stave off food insecurity

Agriculture is essential for survival of people in South Sudan. When fighting erupts, agricultural cycles get disrupted and farmers can no longer produce food. This results in the severe food insecurity that some parts of the country are facing.

The ICRC continues to help South Sudanese farmers resume their food production and rebuild resilience. Throughout March and April 2017, some 170,000 people, in different regions of South Sudan, received seeds and tools for the upcoming planting season.

Highlights of our work in South Sudan between January and March 2017.

50,000 people received seeds and tools
Provided fishing kits to 31,000 people
Almost 200,000 people received food rations equivalent to more than 2,100 metric tons
Maintained an emergency water unit benefiting over 40,000 people in Juba
Vaccinated 106,000 heads of livestock that benefited 19,000 people
Provided antenatal consultations for 3,500 women


Read the full update of our work in South Sudan.

January - March 2017 Facts & Figures

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