Sudan: contacts and general information

Sudan: contacts and general information

Decades of armed conflict have left millions of victims in Sudan. Relieving the suffering of the affected communities and advocating for the protection of civilians and those who are not part of the hostilities is the work of the ICRC.
Article 27 July 2022 Sudan

What is the ICRC doing in the country?

The ICRC operation in Sudan has 435 employees. You can also consult the contacts of our sub-delegations and offices in the following list: 




Delegation in Khartoum

+249 (0) 183476464/5/6

House 16, Street 33rd, Amarat, PO Box 1831, Khartoum (Click for the map)

Al Fashir Sub-delegation

+249 (0) 912 167 668 / 924 901 252
Thuraya: 008 821 651 021 232

House 34, Square 7B, west Al Fashir, Daraga Ola (Al-Radmia street) (Click for the map)

Damazin Sub-delegation

+249 (0) 912 161 406
Thuraya: 008 821 621 117 564

House 193, Block 15, El Daraga, Damazin (Click for the map)

Kassala Sub-delegation
for Eastern Sudan

+249 912 508 219

House 294, Block 11, Hay Al Daraja, Kassala (Click for the map)


Nyala Sub-delegation

+249 711 825 077 / 711 826 145
Thuraya: 008 821 651 190 256

House 10, Block 5D Cinema Street, Nyala

Zalingay Sub-delegation

0912 178 960 – 0917 217 901
Thuraya: 008 821 621 117 564

House N 154, block 2/B, Hay As-Souq– Zalingay (Click for the map)

Kassala office

House 294, Block 11, Hay Al-Daraja, Kassala (Click for the map)


Kadugli office

House 22, Block 3, El-Talta, Kadugli



Our work in Sudan

  • We listen to the victims of armed conflict and violence confidentially. When the State is unable to provide assistance, we help victims with emergency support to cover their basic needs.
  • We hold confidential dialogue with all the parties to the conflict and with the actors of armed violence to remind them of the importance of respecting the principles of humanity and, when applicable, the rules of international humanitarian law.
  • We help, in coordination with the authorities, to improve communities' access to water, sanitation, and health services.
  • We contribute to restoring family contacts between loved ones separated by armed conflict and other situations of armed violence.
  • We work with eight government physical rehabilitation centers across the country to improve the quality of the services and provision of prosthetics and orthotics.
  • We join efforts with the Sudanese Red Crescent Society to expand our presence in the national territory and multiply care for victims.

Other activities

  • We promote respect for health personnel, vehicles, and buildings.
  • Promotion of IHL