Thailand: Inspiring art pieces featured in exhibition reflect ICRC, IFRC and TRCS work

  • ICRC Theme — Winner
    ICRC Theme — Winner
    ‘We are friends’ — Wanitchakarn Mai-arin The winner piece reflects the artist’s belief that help should be given without any bias — disregarding the race or religious backgrounds of the recipient. “This is the beauty of humanity,” Wanitchakarn added.
  • ICRC Theme — Runner-up
    ICRC Theme — Runner-up
    ‘The Dream’ — Karunyapard Jaithong Based on the artist’s interpretation of generosity and humanity, the idea of helping, giving and creating opportunities for others is represented through the children who are affected by conflict. It is a dream to see smiles on these children’s faces again but the reality can be heartbreaking as the tragedy of war and fighting bleed into their lives and those around them. While believing that everyone is equal in the power of their dream and imagination, the weight one bears on their shoulder is different — much like the level of humanity one values.
  • IFRC Theme — Winner
    IFRC Theme — Winner
    ‘When you know despair, you are never alone’ — Tesanit Charoenpunyanet A juxtaposition, reimagined by the artist, portrays various elements of the multi-faceted work the IFRC does in times of disaster; the work, aimed towards all recipients, is impartial. “When we are discouraged, we must remind ourselves that we are not alone,” Tesanit stated.
  • IFRC Theme — Runner-up
    IFRC Theme — Runner-up
    ‘Unity of support’ — Jakkrit Tammakaew We never know when ravaging forest fire will occur, but what the artist believes is that there should be no discrimination when it comes to helping one another.
  • TRCS Theme — Winner
    TRCS Theme — Winner
    ‘Light of life’ — Kittachaphol Watcharachaisakul Much like the light bulbs that illuminate a sense of hope, morality, and equality, the work of the Thai Red Cross Society, including blood donation, youth volunteer support, and more, brings a great level of benefit to the public health — as perceived by the artist who has had direct experience with the Thai Red Cross Society.
  • TRCS Theme — Runner-up
    TRCS Theme — Runner-up
    ‘Shining with kindness’ — Narat Klinsudjai When distress is upon us, the light that emits a glimmer of hope comes in the form of the striking red shape. The people who represent the organisation are ready to dedicate their lives to help fellow humans.
  • Notable work from TRCS Theme
    Notable work from TRCS Theme
    ‘The Thai Red Cross Society’ — Venerable Phumminan Ngernkhol The artist considers the Thai Red Cross as a home covering different grounds, from facilitating blood donation to providing public health services, but more importantly how their impartial work of humanitarian effort is about helping and alleviating the suffering.
  • Notable work from TRCS Theme
    Notable work from TRCS Theme
    ‘Friendship’ — Chutima Ngampipat “True friendship is achieved by appreciating one another and admiring each other’s kindness. And to accept and understand who you are without expecting anything in return,” — Chutima Ngampipat.
  • Notable work from IFRC Theme
    Notable work from IFRC Theme
    ‘A united world’ — Chinakorn Kuna Regardless of the ever-changing world, resulting in traumatic natural disasters, there is one constant that unites all the people — a sense of humanity that pushes people to help those in need. The artwork also embodies the Red Cross Movement’s humanitarian response that does not discriminate the lives they help.
  • Notable work from ICRC Theme
    Notable work from ICRC Theme
    ‘Colors in between black’ — Tonnam Kitwiset The artist compares war to the color, or lack thereof, black but in between these desaturated pigments lie many colors which represent the happier aspect of life. The work portrays the impact of war where lives suffer painful consequences but despite the sombre elements, a silver lining can be spotted as members of the ICRC are seen to alleviate the impact of war, easing the wounds of those who suffer.
05 January 2021

Recently, the ICRC Bangkok Delegation concluded a warmly embraced art contest intended to showcase the outstanding humanitarian work and effort of the International Red Cross Committee (ICRC), International Federation of Red Cross and Crescent (IFRC), and Thailand Red Cross Society (TRCS).

With the submission of almost 100 pieces of hand-drawn and handcrafted artwork, these remarkably inspiring illustrations were narrowed down to 6 winners and runner-ups of each theme: ICRC, IFRC, and TRCS; all of which were exhibited from 14 - 20 December 2020 at Siam Paragon, one of the largest mall in Bangkok.

Additionally, notable and creative pieces were also featured in the exhibition as honorary guests showed support in the event including the ICRC's Regional Head of Delegation Christoph Sutter, IFRC's Support Services Manager Barbara Wibmer, and TRCS' Assistant Secretary-General for External Relations Sawanit Kongsiri, with various distinguished guests in attendance.