Trainings on de-escalation of violence at healthcare facilities

22 March 2017
Trainings on de-escalation of violence at healthcare facilities
Young doctors during the training on de-escalation of violence at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Karachi in 2016. CC BY-NC-ND / ICRC

The ICRC along with its partners conducted a detailed research study on the patterns of violence against healthcare in Karachi. The report can be accessed here.

One of the findings of the report was that the hospital staff lack proper training on dealing with situations becoming violent or having the potential to get violent. Following the recommendations of the study, a number of initiatives have been taken in Karachi under Healthcare in Danger Project including the training of medical staff on de-escalation of violence at healthcare facilities and caring for the victims of such violence.

Special training manuals and case studies have been developed in both Urdu and English languages. In 2016, the manuals were tested by organizing 32 trainings in which 456 health professionals including doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers & other paramedical staff from various hospitals of Karachi participated. In 2017, these trainings are being conducted on regular basis in Karachi. The training material also include a curriculum on prevention and management of violence in healthcare settings for medical college students.

The teaching materials, including teachers' manual, students' handbook, videos and presentations were tested on two groups of house job officers at Karachi's Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre.

We seek to promote the training material widely in order to encourage hospitals, medical colleges and other health related organizations to conduct such trainings for medical staff and students at a more localized but on a larger scale across Pakistan.

The training material can be accessed and downloaded for free from the following links:

For Medical Students

Presentation for trainers 

Manual for trainers 

Handbook for students

For Healthcare personnel

Presentation for trainers (English)

Presentation for trainers (Urdu)

Manual for trainers

Handbook for students (English) 

Handbook for students (Urdu)

Training videos

Scenario 1 

Scenario 2 

Scenario 3