RedSafe - Information notice

Purpose of RedSafe
RedSafe provides free of charge services to people who need humanitarian assistance.
This includes information on humanitarian services near you, a digital safe where you can store important documents and a secure messaging service.

Data Controller
RedSafe is managed by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The ICRC is a neutral, independent and impartial humanitarian organisation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

The legal basis for processing your data is performance of a contract (pursuant to your acceptance of the Information Notice and Terms of use that govern the use of RedSafe) and ICRC legitimate interest in maintaining the security of RedSafe, understanding how it is being used and improving the services it provides. All data is processed in accordance with the ICRC Rules on Personal Data Protection.

Services and information provided by the ICRC
RedSafe gives you access to humanitarian services and information provided by the ICRC and under its responsibility.

Services and information provided by other actors
RedSafe also provides you access to humanitarian services and information provided by ICRC partners (such as National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies), other actors or state authorities. The ICRC will do its best to encourage these service providers to keep the information up to date. But it cannot guarantee the accuracy of information and the quality of services which are not under its responsibility.

Keeping your information secure and private
The ICRC takes all reasonable means to ensure that RedSafe is secure and your data is protected.

Your personal data, messages and documents are stored in Switzerland by the ICRC and not on commercial cloud services.
But as a user you should take measures for your own security. You should use only your account and it is not permitted to share accounts. To protect your account, personal information and devices, please read our Security tips below.

What the ICRC may do with your data
The ICRC will use your data only for humanitarian purposes, including to determine your fate or whereabouts if you were to go missing or if you need assistance.

The ICRC will generally not disclose your information to anyone, including your family, without your prior consent. However, the ICRC cannot exclude that here may be exceptional circumstances in which it has to share your information with governments and law enforcement agencies, notably in case of misuse of RedSafe for non-Humanitarian purposes. Yet, the ICRC does everything possible to reject requests for your information.

Deletion and archiving of your data
You can delete your documents, your data and also terminate your account.

In case you terminate your account, all your documents in the digital vault will be deleted, but the ICRC will archive and encrypt your other data offline and in a secure storage for 5 years. The offline archiving of your data for 5 years is done only for the purpose of determining your fate or whereabouts if you were to go missing or in need of assistance. After 5 years, if your data are not actively used for these humanitarian purposes, all your data will be deleted and therefore cannot be recovered.

Your rights
Your data is processed in accordance with the ICRC Rules on Personal Data Protection. These Rules place an obligation on the ICRC to protect your data and give you certain rights in relation to how it is processed, including the right to request access, correction or deletion of your data. To submit such a request contact

Monitoring and misuse of RedSafe
The ICRC monitors your interactions with the RedSafe, to protect your data and RedSafe against attacks, and also to prevent the misuse of RedSafe for non-humanitarian purposes. This does include monitoring of messages and documents, to prevent the upload of malicious files threatening the system, and the storing of harmful or illegal content. This monitoring is done in a secure manner to protect your privacy.

In case of serious abuse, the ICRC reserves the right to take appropriate measures. This includes the deletion of harmful or illegal content and the termination of your RedSafe account.

Changes that affect you
The ICRC is developing RedSafe to reflect the needs and demands of its users. If new tools and services necessitate changes to the processing of your personal data, the information provided here will be updated.