The ICRC’s delegation in Japan supports the organization’s field operations, making the most of Japan’s potential in terms of humanitarian diplomacy, fundraising, new technologies, human resources, and other humanitarian action.

Tokyo, Waseda University, 8th IHL Moot Court Competition National Round.

Our work in Japan

The ICRC’s activities in Japan date back to the First World War, when we visited prisoners of war (POWs) in Japan and Siberia. In 1942, during the Second World War, we set up a delegation in the country to visit POWs, help reconnect families with their loved ones who were captured abroad and provide assistance to victims of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima. Sixty years after closing the delegation in 1949, we reopened our office in Tokyo in 2009.

In Japan, we seek to have our mandate and humanitarian principles better known, understood and respected, as well as to shape future policies and practices linked to humanitarian issues. Furthermore, we work closely with universities and the private sector to actively engage in developing the means and tools to address global humanitarian needs in an era of new technologies and innovation.

Japan, today, is one of the ICRC’s major donors, providing support to countries and regions affected by armed conflict and violence. 

ICRC offices supporting the region: Our work in Japan is supported by our regional delegation in Bangkok. For more information, please visit the Bangkok country page.

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Our work with the Japanese Red Cross Society

The Japan delegation works closely with the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) to raise awareness of the principled work of the Red Cross and of international humanitarian law (IHL). The JRCS and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs co-chair Japan’s national IHL committee. The JRCS’s medical staff are regularly seconded to ICRC field assignments.