Career opportunity: FAS MAG Delegate (México)

08 December 2021

Reports to (role)
FAS Coordinator, HoD, DHoD as appropriate

Based in Mexico City, the FAS MAG Delegate has the prime responsibility for developing and contributing to the strategic and operational dialogue with arms carriers in the area of responsibility of Mexico Regional Delegation (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Belize).
In coordination with WAS and GVA (when required), it supports FAS objectives in Dominican Republic and Washington Regional Delegation.

Main Responsibilities

  • The FAS MAG delegate provides structured and coordinated support to the regional delegation including the 4 missions under the regional Delegation (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua), in their dialogue with arms carriers - including Armed forces (ArmFo), Police/ Security forces (SecFo).
  • In addition, in coordination with WAS RD and DP_FAS (as required) s/he ensures FAS support to WAS delegation, focused on Central and South American ArmFo public and contacts of interest.
  • S/he will develop/review a comprehensive FAS strategy, based on the Regional Delegation's priorities, needs and FAS AMERICAS Regional Strategy (and/or other FAS guiding documents), in coordination with PROT, JUR/Legal, COM, COOP and heads of missions.
  • S/he will develop/update regularly the mapping of arms carriers in AoR in relation to the ICRC's activities.
  • S/he promotes the positioning of the ICRC as a relevant humanitarian actor and organisation of reference on IHL and IHRL in MEX RD AoR and amongst multilateral organizations, at request and coordination with WAS RD (and when required with GVA DP_FAS).
  • S/he develops and maintains relationship-building and networking within high level interlocutors of relevant structures of the SecFo. Primarily this refers to the SEDENA, SEMAR, National Guard and Police (in Mexico) and ArmFo , police and SecFo in other countries under MEX RD responsibilities.
  • S/he engages toward a wide range of multiple stakeholders and coordinators in the region in the analysis, planning, and ICRC response to arms carriers' methods of actuation.
  • S/he follows FAS-specific developments in the Region, notably with regard to integration, military organization, civil-military relations and producing briefs, analysis, reports on trends and potential deteriorations in the region
  • Multilateral file: S/he formulates and/or contributes to the formulation of institutional messages to communicate to relevant military and other arms carriers' contacts and vectors (in specific fora of interest, for instance) on priority thematic for the ICRC in the Region (Law enforcement, Urban violence, Detention, Migration, Missing). S/he supports specific strategic anchoring activities & dialogue in key contexts (Mexico). S/he assists the security cell of the delegations with security issues, upon request.
  • In close coordination with other departments, s/he is responsible to produce the PfR and MfR related to Actors of Influence and manages the department's planning and budget.
  • S/he is the direct manager of the FAS team in Mexico, and ensures a technical and coaching support to FAS staff based in Central America (El Salvador, Honduras & Guatemala).
  • Set up in Mexico: 3 FAS Advisors
  • Set up in El Salvador: 1 FAS FO, Set up in Honduras: 1 FAS FO (50%). Set up in GUA 1 PREV OF

Main Tasks

  • S/he provides real time technical analysis on violence dynamics and advises the Regional delegation and missions on their dialogue with arms carriers.
  • S/he handles operational and thematic issues in regard to dialogue with arms carriers and state actors and advises on the humanitarian implications of the use of force, providing essential technical advice in case of PPC documentation and dialogue (including interventions).
  • Responsible of maintaining network of interlocutors, s/he ensures substantive engagement with the military and police command structures, military and security institutes. He/ she supports ArmFo qnd SecFo efforts to integrate IHL/IHRL into doctrine, education and training and relevant aspects of their operations.
  • S/he supports the delegation in expanding its non-military contacts (authorities, think tanks, other organisations), notably where there is a nexus to the ArmFo, Police and SecFo.
  • In narrow coordination with the other technical departments, s/he facilitates and provides a global response to the humanitarian challenges.
  • S/he will initiate and coordinate the preparation and organization of international events of institutional importance (ex. SWIRMO, SWIRPO, Police Colloquium) and requiring a transversal coordination with other departments (i.e. Regional Legal Advisors, Communication) incl. in GVA HQ (DP_FAS, JUR_OPS, OP_PROT GLOB).
  • S/he monitors and evaluates the impact of programmes and activities with arms carriers.
  • Contributes in a timely and concise manner to the proper documentation of the FAS activities (statistics and narrative reports) and to the institutional reporting for the department and the Delegation (i.e. PfR, MfR).

People management responsibilities

  • S/he is the direct manager of the FAS team in Mexico and ensures a technical and coaching support to FAS staff based in Central America (El Salvador, Honduras & Guatemala).
  • Set up in Mexico: 3 FAS AdvisorsSet up in El Salvador: 1 FAS Field Officer,
  • Set up in Honduras: 1 FAS Field Officer (50%). Set up in GUA 1 Prevention Officer

Scope & Impact

  • Contributes to the annual planning exercise (Planning for Results) on issues related to the armed and security forces.Geographic remit: Mexico Regional Delegation (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Belize).
  • In coordination with WAS and GVA (when required), it supports FAS objectives in Dominican Republic and Washington Regional Delegation.
  • Is responsible for monitoring the budget allocated to activities under responsibility.


  • FAS/MAG Delegate in charge for Global and Regional programs/outreach:
  • Hierarchical: FAS/MAG Delegate is directly supervised by the Head of Programs and Prevention of the Regional Delegation (red line) and technically supported by DP_FAS Ops Support Adviser for AMERICAS (blue line);
  • Functional: FAS/MAG Delegate works in close coordination with delegates/coordinators from other departments and is responsible for the implementation of all regional programmes as they relate to the Regional Delegation;
  • Transversal: Within the Delegation, FAS/MAG Delegate works transversally and in close cooperation with other units/experts of the Regional Delegation (e.g. PROT, JUR/Legal, COM, Migration, COOP);
  • Beyond the Delegation, being involved in implementation of regional and/or global programmes, FAS Delegate interacts with other FAS colleagues directly or through the Regional Delegation and DP_FAS/GVA, as well as with other departments of GVA HQ (i.e., OP_PROT, JUR_OP, DP_POL), Regional Legal Advisors and COM;
  • Externally: FAS/MAG Delegate represents the ICRC in its dialogue and activities with national / regional armed and security forces (Central American Armed Forces Conference - CFAC) as well as with security related think tanks, academia and other representatives of the civil society on regional / global issues related mainly to integration of IHL/IHRL and other relevant legal frameworks into operational practice. Other multilateral organizations, in support of WAS Regional Delegation;
  • Participates and contributes actively to the Protection-Prevention Cell, strategy, activities and objectives.

Certifications / Education required

  • Job-specific: FAS MAG
  • Graduated from a military academy as an officer; or equivalent;
  • And/or served a substantial amount of time in the armed or security forces, attained the rank of Major or Lieutenant Colonel or equivalent, or higher, and/or attended a senior staff college, and/or held a significant command or staff appointment, and/or military experience including operational deployments/combat experience; And/or must have suitable (10+) years of ICRC experience, including substantial interaction with military and security forces. Job-specific: FAS PGE
  • Minimum 10 years' professional experience in police-related positions (or equivalent/gendarmerie/law-enforcement agency), including minimum 5 years' operational experience in the following fields: training, crowd control, judicial/criminal investigation, interrogation, management/leadership AND experience in international deployment abroad;
  • And/or must have suitable (10+) years of ICRC experience including substantial interaction with security forces/law- enforcement agencies.
  • Fluent command of English and French; other languages a plus.
  • Computer proficiency.

Professional Experience required

  • Former military
  • Previous ICRC experience as FAS delegate
  • University degree
  • Very good experience in internal security operations and solid knowledge of IHL and IHRL and UoF.
  • Knowledge on the International Standards applicable to Police Operations is an asset
  • Knowledge of International Humanitarian Law
  • Fluent in written and spoken English and Spanish.
  • A minimum of 3 years of professional experience in the fields of education or communication
  • Personal commitment to humanitarian concepts
  • Understanding and awareness of the Central America Armed and Security Forces

Desired profile and skills

  • Strongly motivated by humanitarian work
  • Team Management
  • Representing the ICRC
  • Communicating and Network
  • Excellent understanding of the military and security forces chains of command (including operative methods, etc.) and of the training and doctrine processes of both armed and security/police forces
  • Ability to negotiate with high ranking officials / officers
  • Planning
  • Organization and Assessment
  • Creating a Conducive environment
  • Experience in complex environment
  • Analysis and Summarizing
  • Able to work under pressure in a potentially dangerous environment

Additional information

  • Type of role: Mobile
  • Working rate: 100%
  • Starting date: 10/01/2022
  • Location: Mexico (MEX)
  • Hardship : H0 : family posting and full amenities
  • Job level: C1 (C1)
  • Length of assignment: 24 Months
  • Type of position: Open-Ended Contract
  • Application deadline: 22/12/2021

Context - Compendium

  • Restricted Nationalities
  • No Mexican or US nationals


  • Languages required: Spanish, English
  • Languages that would be an asset: French