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The fight against drug abuse

31-12-1986 Article, International Review of the Red Cross, No. 256

25th International Conference of the Red Cross, Geneva, 23 to 31 October 1986, Resolution 29

The Twenty-fifth International Conference of the Red Cross,

 recalling Resolution XXX of the Twenty-first International Conferenc of the Red Cross (Istanbul, 1969), Resolution I I of the Executive Corn mittee of the League in 1976 and Decision 39 of the General Assembly o the League in 1985,

 considering the results of the Seminar on Drug Abuse (Rome, 1978), th conclusions of the World Congress " Health-Drug Dependence " (Sund vollen, 1985), and the National Societies'replies to the questionnaire o drugs,

 conscious of the results of the work of the Group of Red Cross expert on drug abuse among young people,

 taking into account the spread of drug dependence all over the world, shown by the continued dissemination of drugs among young people,

 1. requests governments:

a) to consider the drug problem as a whole, in both Consumer and producer countries,

b) to consider the potential human resources that the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement could mobilize for the prevention of drug abuse or for treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts,

c) to give'special and adequate economic and technical support to drug-producing countries, particularly those whose economies are in a depressed state, in order to promote effective action against drug production and illegal drug trafficking,

d) to adopt the measures necessary to combat trafficking in drugs and substances used in their manufacture,

2. recommends the League:

a) to consider the fight against any kind of mental suffering or known dependence as a major Red Cross and Red Crescent priority,

b) to resume, broaden and intensify co-operation with the World Health Organization and other governmental and non-governmental organizations in this connection,

c) to choose the elimination of drug dependence as the theme for the 1989 World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day,

d) to promote Red Cross and Red Crescent regional congresses, with the co-operation of governments, on the subject of drug abuse,

e) to follow-up on the proceedings of the Group of Red Cross experts on drug abuse,

3. requests National Societies:

a) to form groups of experts on this subject to assess the most urgent problems on which attention and efforts should be concentrated, notably in the countries worst hit by the problems of drug dependence,

b) to work out a strategy of intervention in the form best suited to the prevention of drug abuse,

c) to pay special attention to social welfare programmes for the rehabilitation of drug addicts with the co-operation of public and private institutions,

d) to consider the importance of basing all activities for prevention o drug abuse and for the rehabilitation of drug addicts on the commitment of young people within the Movement.