A global forum to discuss and debate digital transformation within the humanitarian sector, with a focus on humanitarian protection, policy, ethics and action.

The DigitHarium, part of the HDTI, provides a space where humanitarian, diplomatic, academic and technology practitioners can meet to collaborate in order to find local and global solutions to today’s digital dilemmas.

Humanitarian digital transformation is about putting people first, with technology forming part of the solution to specific humanitarian issues. The needs and aspirations of people who need humanitarian assistance should guide humanitarian action. Similarly, the impact of humanitarian digital solutions and cyber activities on people in need should be monitored and addressed.

The humanitarian data ecosystem is interconnected and no one organization can tackle these challenges single-handedly. The DigitHarium brings together practitioners from different fields, with a range of experience, to build a community of practice that analyses these challenges and develops practicable solutions.

Every month, the DigitHarium will discuss a new theme, examining the implications for humanitarian action and exploring solutions. The monthly theme will be discussed through three main channels:

  1. a monthly Digital Dilemmas Dialogue: a 30-minute discussion between two experts;
  2. a monthly Digital Dilemmas Debate: a 60-minute roundtable with a panel of experts, practitioners and other stakeholder groups;
  3. regular blog articles and podcasts offering a range of perspectives.


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Want to collaborate to the DigitHarium?

Write to us at: digitharium@icrc.org