Red Cross cars are seen during evacuation of Ukrainians with disability to Moldova, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in Odesa, Ukraine 14 May 2022. Photo by STR/NurPhoto

Overview of ICRC activities in Moldova

Article 06 September 2022 Republic of Moldova

Between February and August 2022, over 573,000 people fled Ukraine through Moldova. To date, 90,000 people remain in Moldova. As most people left hastily, often without their belongings, many have encountered tough living conditions and, in some cases, cannot afford to buy food and other essentials, or to seek medical treatment.

The ICRC was present in Moldova during the 1991 – 1992 tension to monitor the situation. In 2022, the ICRC decided to have a full-fledged delegation to respond to the humanitarian needs triggered by the armed conflict in Ukraine. The delegation focuses on promotion of respect for International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and reduction of protection risks resulting from the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

In addition, the delegation helps ensure continued access to medical care especially for vulnerable people fleeing Ukraine and provides family-links services, in cooperation with the Red Cross Society of the Republic of Moldova.

ICRC Activities in Moldova

► With the support of Movement partners, the ICRC offers safe temporary relocation from Ukraine to Moldova, adapted to people's medical needs who are unable to leave owing to their physical conditions.

► Provides financial and material support to a hospital in Chisinau, to which ICRC beneficiaries are transferred and where they benefit from a range of care until their departure.

► Supports people interested in resettling in third countries (countries which they wish to go to) in liaison with actors running transfer programs from Moldova.

► Helps strengthen the capacities of the Red Cross Society of the Republic of Moldova and facilitate training on topics such as Restoring Family Links, First Aid, International Humanitarian Law, and other bodies of law, as well as public communication skills.

With the Red Cross Society of Moldova:

► Provides cash assistance, vouchers, food, and hygiene items to people fleeing Ukraine and their host families.

►Provides psychosocial support to vulnerable beneficiaries fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Training is also organized for volunteers from the National Society, teachers, and social workers on psychosocial support skills and self-care, who in turn support affected people, especially children.

► Identifies potential violations of International Humanitarian Law and protection issues resulting from the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine, to support the ICRC's confidential dialogue with Ukrainian and Russian authorities.

► Endeavours to identify and reduce protection issues or potential risks faced by those fleeing Ukraine during their transit or stay in Moldova.