Pushing back against sexual violence

19 June 2017

Sexual violence continues to be widespread in armed conflict and other situations of violence.

As a response, the ICRC remains committed to strengthening its efforts to prevent sexual violence and respond to the needs of its victims. As the world marks International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict, the ICRC is happy to present a short video to commemorate the occasion.


The video highlights the devastating consequences suffered by victims of sexual violence, ranging from physical injuries, through psychological trauma and psychosocial consequences, to negative impacts on the very fabric of the society. The video also brings to light some of the challenges and obstacles victims face in seeking help – including the stigma they experience, the fear of rejection and retaliation, as well as the lack or limited access to care services.

The ICRC strives to address sexual violence through a wide range of activities, including clinical, mental health and psychosocial support to victims; outreach in communities, including through awareness campaigns; risk reduction activities as well as engaging with weapon bearers to change behaviors and prevent sexual violence. In all these activities, the ICRC places the victim at the centre and keeps the "do no harm" principle at the core.

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