Health Care in Danger newsletter: July – November 2015

30 November 2015
Health Care in Danger newsletter: July – November 2015
Sar-e-Hause medical clinic, Afghanistan, 2012. © Graham Crouch/World Bank

What do ethics have to do with protecting health care? How can we make sure doctors and nurses – civilian or soldiers – know their rights and responsibilities? What can we do to ensure everyone else knows and respects those legal and ethical obligations too?

This edition of the Health Care in Danger newsletter allows you to reflect on the importance of health-care ethics in protecting patients and health-care personnel, facilities and medical transports. Discover the different ways people around the world from Liberia to Syria to Sweden do their part to make access to health care and its delivery safer.

Table of contents:

Latest news
New resources: Armed groups, hospital managers & ambulance drivers
New resources: Meeting the challenges
Field focus: Liberia
Experts' corner: PS Centre
Experts' corner: ICMM
Community of Concern

Health Care in Danger newsletter: July-November 2015