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Myanmar: Facts and figures for 2018

The International Committee of the Red Cross has been working across Myanmar, through its ten offices, helping people affected by conflict in times of crisis.
Article 30 April 2019 Myanmar

In Myanmar, we respond to the needs of internally displaced people, helping them restore their livelihoods, supporting primary health care, hospitals and physical rehabilitation services, and repairing water, health and prison infrastructure. The ICRC sensitizes people living in affected areas on the dangers of mines and other unexploded ordnances. We also visit detainees in places of permanent detention and reunite separated family members.

In the face of growing humanitarian needs due to conflict in times of crisis, the ICRC, together with Myanmar Red Cross Society, is doing everything it can to reach out to the most affected people of the communities living in the remotest of the areas.

Here is an overview of what we achieved in 2018:

Over 142,000
people were assisted with water, shelter and sanitation facilities.
hospitals and 35 primary health units were supported.
Over 133,000
people received food assistance and 116,000 received agricultural assistance to grow vegetables.
detainees visited in 18 places of detention.
people sensitized on the risks posed by mines and other unexploded ordnances.