National Implementation of IHL: Documentation

States party to international humanitarian law treaties must take certain legal and administrative measures to comply with the obligations they have undertaken. This section deals with various topics which are covered by the treaties and are the focus of Advisory Service promotional activities, including topics that have been highlighted by the recent adoption of international instruments, thus creating a new incentive for states to adopt implementation measures.


Civil defence

Cultural property

Dissemination of IHL


Environment and warfare

Fact finding commission

Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols


Internally displaced persons

International criminal law

International humanitarian law - general information

International humanitarian law implementation

Islamic law and IHL

The missing


Penal repression

Persons with disabilities

Sexual violence

Torture and other forms of ill-treatment

Use of force in law enforcement


Anti-personnel mines

Arms trade treaty

Chemical and biological weapons

Cluster munitions

Conventional weapons


New weapons

Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons