13 March 2019 - 28 November 2019

From norms to action

One can feel a sense of despair in observing unrestrained violence and atrocities during armed conflicts. International humanitarian law (IHL) is indeed often violated, however instances of respect for the law do exist, as do solutions and success stories which turn norms into action, and help protect people in war. The 2019 Debate Cycle “From Norms to Action” aims at focusing the debate on how to create respect for IHL, highlighting the positive impact that compliance brings. Through conferences and events adopting a multidisciplinary approach, this cycle aims at opening a global dialogue while connecting audiences from around the world. Reaffirming the relevance of IHL, the cycle draws on legal and non-legal arguments, and builds upon ICRC research and the “success stories” on the ground showcasing respect for the law.

Upcoming events

War and the Children Left Behind
Nov 28

War and the Children Left Behind


30 Years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and 70 years of the Geneva Conventions

Join the ICRC for a public event addressing the situation of children in today's armed conflicts and reflecting on what should be done to ensure better protection of children's rights.

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