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The library will be closed in August 2017 due to the extensive revamping of the collections

In September 2017, the ICRC Library’s new identity as the leading library on IHL and the ICRC comes into fruition with the revamping of the collections under two headings:

  • International Committee of the Red Cross

and International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

  • International Humanitarian Law

and other international legal corpus applicable in situations of armed conflict

These changes will facilitate browsing and searching the collections as well as foster serendipitous discoveries.

Research assistance from the Librarians will only be provided online at library@icrc.org


IHL Bibliography

The quarterly ICRC International Humanitarian Law Bibliography lists references to English and French publications on international humanitarian law. The bibliography is based on books and other material in the ICRC library.

ICRC Library Latest acquisitions

This list presents the latest additions to the library’s collection of books and articles. 

Selected themes through the archives and the library

 Other resources

Preparatory documents on Geneva Conventions now available online

Two years after the ICRC started its project to update the Commentaries on the Geneva Conventions, readers can now access individual preparatory documents online. These texts provide a deeper understanding of the Conventions themselves.

As part of the project to update the Commentaries on the Geneva Conventions, the ICRC library's priority has been to ensure digital access to documents preparatory to the Geneva Conventions. This work covers the following:

  •     the Diplomatic Conference of 1929;
  •     the International Red Cross Conferences in Tokyo (1934) and London (1938);
  •     preparatory documents drawn up by the National Societies in 1946, and by government experts in 1947;
  •     the International Red Cross Conference held in Stockholm in 1948;
  •     the Diplomatic Conference of 1949.

The documents can now be found in the ICRC library’s catalogue.

More on the Preparatory documents on Geneva Conventions



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