The ICRC in Greece focuses on the situation of detained migrants, delivering some basic assistance but primarily engaging with competent authorities to ensure that they fulfil their obligations to provide proper conditions and implement safeguards for vulnerable migrants. Moreover, through our Restoring Family Links network, we work to restore contact between migrants and their families, clarify the fate of the missing people and provide humanitarian forensics support.

In addition, we collaborate with the Hellenic Armed Forces and Greek academic circles to promote and strengthen compliance with international humanitarian law.

Latest Update
In numbers


  • 150
    Assessments, training sessions and workshops for health staff in 7 places of detention and health facilities on specific Healthcare in Detention
  • 55
    Tracing requests received from families searching for their missing relatives and managed to find information about the fate and whereabouts of 24 persons
  • 5
    Forensic authority locations received equipment to ensure capacity building, in order to reach appropriate standard in responses
  • 100
    Participants from the Hellenic Police, Coast Guard and Fire Brigade attended “Management of the Dead (MotD): Best Practices” workshop